Welsh Citizenship

The right to Welsh citizenship is protected and recognized by the international law, and international treaties ratified in the United Kingdom. (UN 61/295 Art. 4, UDHR Art. 15)

Many have asked what is required to become a citizen in the Kingdom of Wales. For several living in Wales it happens “ipso jure” or automatically by the law. If you are Welsh by descent on your maternal or paternal side then you are entitled to be a Welsh citizen provided you are currently residing in Wales. If you meet these prerequisites but are living outside of Wales you may apply for a dual citizen status.

Welsh citizens are entitled to receive identifications such as passports, ID cards, and are also eligible to vote in Welsh elections.

If you immigrated into Wales and are still residing in Wales you may submit a request to become a Welsh citizen through the naturalization process. The naturalization process requires a background check, a naturalization test on Welsh history and customs, and an agreement to submit to the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Wales.