After seeing the plight of the Cymry (Welsh people), and knowing the struggles of his ancestors Llywelyn lodged a claim to the hereditaments and fons honrum to the ancient Kingdoms of Cymru, or Wales; and established himself as the de jure King in accordance with the Welsh laws regarding succession to kingship, and international laws regarding the rights of dethroned monarchies and governments in exile.

Although Llywelyn is the lawful King, international law regards him as a pretender prince. A Pretender Prince is an aspirant or claimant to a throne that has been abolished, suspended, or is occupied by another. Llywelyn proved that he had a right to claim the native Welsh royal titles after submitting to a Y-111 chromosome test, which was the most advanced test possible at time time it was taken. Later his titles were recognized at an international arbitration tribunal in Tokyo, Japan; and in the Superior Court of California in the United States of America. Prince Llywelyn has also corresponded with the United Kingdom Government Legal Department who do not deny that Llywelyn is the lawful heir to the Welsh Kings and Princes, or that Wales was illegally annexed and will be owed reparations once Llywelyn is seated as King.

By inheriting and exercising the titles, Prince Llywelyn created an avenue for the Welsh to have access to their historical claim to sovereignty and restore Wales to where it would be had there not been foul play from England.

 His titles are formally recognized in all nations that adhere to international law.

He is formally and legally recognized as,  Ei Uchelder Brenhinol Tywysog Llywelyn, de jure Brenin Cymru, or

“His Royal Highness Prince Llywelyn , the lawful King of Wales”

and the Kingdoms of; Brycheiniog, Ceredigion, Deheubarth, Dogfeiling, Dunoding, Dyfed, Ergyng, Glamorgan, Glywysing, Gwent, Gwynedd, Gwynllwg, Meirionnydd, Morgannwg, Powys Wenwynwyn, Powys Fadog, Rhos, Rhufoniog, Seisyllwg “dejure

he is also honoured with the titles of: Rex Britannorum, Great King of Britons, King of Wales, King of all the Welsh, Prince of the Welsh, Supporter of the Whole Kingdom of Britons, Chiefest of the Britons

Tywysog LLywelyn, or Prince LLywelyn has been officially and legally recognized as having “fons honorum” rights for Cymru, and the aforementioned Kingdoms. He has rights recognized under international law to work towards an independent Cymru, appoint and seat a government, raise an army, create treaties and alliances with other nations, and bestow honours and titles. He currently lives in exile, and is working to unite Welsh Nationalists and supporters around the world to make the dream of an independent Cymru a reality.